About Us

We Only Use Certified Face Paint

Kids love face paint, and we love making kids happy. We are professional face painters. We use only high quality, water-based certified face paint. Safety is paramount to us.

Take a look at this New Zealand Herald article on why it is important to carefully choose your face paint(er). Click the button below.

  • Timea

    “Hi, my name is Timea. When I discovered face painting, it became my passion! I enjoy painting faces as much as the children love to have it done! I especially love that moment when the children see themselves in the mirror for the first time. Their faces are full of joy!”

    Favorite color: silver
    Favorite design: unicorn
    Favorite drink: coffee latte

  • Annaliese

    “Hi! My name is Annaliese.

    My passions include arts, crafts and fashion, animal care, and I adore children. I have attended a training course by world famous body painter Yolanda Bartman. I am more than happy to go the extra mile for your child’s birthday and even dress up and get into character!”

    Favorite colour: turquoise
    Favorite design: frozen
    Favorite drink: chai latte

  • Pilar

    “Hi my name is Pilar. I am an enthusiastic artist and a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. I combine my skills as an artist with my love of working with children to make sure your event will be something special”

    Favorite color: green
    Favorite design: tiger
    Favorite drink: beer

  • Zanda

    “Hello, my name is Zanda. I love all types of art and design. I can’t stop creating and expressing myself through colours, different techniques and ideas. I have been painting and drawing all my life. I really love to work with children, they have so much sparkle and inspiration – that makes me happy.”

    Favorite colour: white
    Favorite design: princess
    Favorite drink: hot chocolate

  • Helen

    “Hi, my name is Helen. I have been face painting for five years now and watching kids reactions to their first peek in the mirror never gets old! Painting has always been a hobby of mine and it is a privilege to do what you love at work.”

    Favorite color: Teal
    Favorite design: Sponge Bob
    Favorite drink: Kombucha

  • Christine

    “Hi my name is Christine. I love twisting balloons into amazing animals to delight both children and adults. I bring to your event, skills gained over 15 years of experience as an artist and early childhood teacher. I truly enjoy seeing the wonder on people’s faces as their animals are sculpted and created right in front of their eyes.”

    Favorite color: sea green
    Favorite design: lightsaber
    Favorite drink: pina colada

  • Jade

    “Hi my name is Jade and I’ve been painting kids faces for 7 years. The face is my artistic canvas of choice and I love experimenting with face-paint, makeup and costume dress ups.” 

    Favorite color: Red
    Favorite design: Flowers
    Favorite drink: Mocha

  • Gyorgyi

    “Hi, my name is Gyorgyi. I have been passionately interested in creative arts since my childhood. I have worked for many years as a teacher, and have always been intrigued by discovering different forms of art. It was a great opportunity to take on a face painting training. Through this profession my dream came true by combining my artistic creativity and work with children. Seeing their happy face is the best reward of my job.”

    Favorite color: pink, blue
    Favorite design: unicorn, flowers
    Favorite drink: tomato juice

  • Lydia

    “Hi, my name is Lydia. Ever since I picked up my first crayon as a child I have loved creating color and art. I am a teacher and an actor, so face painting combines two of my favorite things; art and people! I think twisting a balloon into an animal is a bit of magic. I love making kids happy.”

    Favourite colour: green
    Favourite design: tiger
    Favourite drink: almond flat white 

  • We are constantly looking for talented people who have experience in face painting and/or balloon twisting. If you don’t have experience but do like to learn and practice, we are happy to support you. We’d love for you to get in touch!