Do you need a Do-Your-Own face painting kit?

What if you haven't found children entertainers yet, or it would be too expensive? I am sure there are talented teachers on your staff or a volunteer mum in your community, who would be happy to do some face painting at your party or event with a do-your-own face painting kit. To avoid unexpected surprises, it is important to understand the risks about face paints...

Why Use Certified Paint - Happy Kids Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

Did you know...?

Many face paint contains carcinogens and other toxins that can be absorbed trough the child's skin. These products can cause a range of health issues from skin irritation to cancer. Click here to read more...

Don't use cheap and unsafe face painting kits!
Do-your-own face painting kit - quick and easy way to do quality designs

Do-your-own face painting kit - quick and easy way to do quality designs

Our set includes everything you need!

  1. Mehron Paradise 8-colour Face Paint Palette (content 56g) Back, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow, Green, Brow
    It contains a mirror and a filbert brush.
  2. TAG #2 round face painter brush
  3. TAG holographic glitter in re-closable plastic container
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Synthetic sponge (makes two halves)
    and more... 
    + FREE "5 tips you should know before you start face painting" (pdf) 
    + FREE shipping within NZ

Why choose our kit?

We have created a professional kit for parents, teachers who care about the health of their little guests.

  • same brand what the professional face painters use
  • safe for the skin and the child`s health
  • high quality, water based product
  • vivid and brilliant colours, high pigment content
  • contains: Chamomile, Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E
  • easy to apply and remove with water
  • last for years
  • special glitter safe for the skin and for the eyes

“The face paint is beautiful – the texture is lovely, it smells great, and the colors mix well. The brushes that Happy Kids supplied really helped me to do a great job first go! I would definitely recommend this kit to any mum who is wanting to play at doing a bit of face painting and wants to know that the paint they are using is safe, good quality and gives you the results you want!”


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